BRAIN INJURY can inflict severe emotional, physical and financially devastating consequences on the individual and his or her family. Symptoms may include headaches, neck pain, blurred vision, loss of senses, difficulty with cognitive functioning, poor memory, personality changes, behavioural problems and difficulty coping with the stresses of everyday life. Professional medical diagnoses and prognoses are complicated and require expertise; our expertise is to work with the injured party and his or her family in obtaining all the relevant evidence, medical and otherwise, to support the claim.

The effects of brain trauma may not appear immediately; a person may appear to be functioning normally but gradually signs of short term memory loss, difficulty retaining information, speech difficulty etc. can appear as a result of the unseen brain injury. Incipient changes can manifest as personality changes, memory, reasoning or temperament problems and, in the long run, may be permanent and disabling. The quality of life of the victim can be dramatically impacted forever since impairment affects relationships, career functioning, income etc.

SPINAL CORD INJURY is one of the most devastating injuries one can suffer. Damage to the spinal cord, (since it, together with the brain make up the central nervous system) can result in a critical loss of basic body functioning. Depending on where the trauma is, the result can be quadriplegia, paraplegia, loss of mobility or sensation, and the damage irreparable. Treatment and therapies are lifelong and accordingly, terribly expensive.

Serious brain and spinal cord injuries require critical, immediate attention. Those suffering with this level of trauma suffer concomitant social, emotional and financial trauma as well. These injuries wreak devastation that affect more than one lifetime; the family is victim to the injury as well.

We at Ephraim Michael Law, in our practice of 39 years, are especially sensitive to the reality of brain or spinal cord injury. We have been extremely successful in attaining vitally needed compensation on behalf of our clients.