If your application for Long Term Disability Benefits has been denied or your benefits ended invalidly, call us. You must act quickly; all long-term disability insurance claims are subject to time limitations and delaying could affect your legal entitlement.

Disability claims based on conditions such as chronic pain syndrome, MS, disc herniation, fibromyalgia, or depression are increasingly common.

For 39 years we have successfully resolved Long Term Disability claims that are in dispute. We have litigated against and successfully settled with Canada’s largest disability insurance companies – Manulife, Maritime Life, Sun Life, Great West Life, Canada Life, National Life and Industrial Alliance.

Long-term Disability benefits provide financial assistance for those who have suffered a debilitating injury which prevents them from being able to return to work for an extended period of time. Although most long-term disability policies are issued as a benefit of your employment, it may be a problem collecting those benefits for the entire extent of time that you are unable to resume work.

Insurance companies will often stop payments on the basis of reports provided by their own preferred doctors and health-care representatives who may not fully appreciate the extent and reality of your disability. The burden of proof for extended compensation you are claiming is, however, not on the insurance company but on you. We will help you provide substantiation of your ongoing needs with the assistance of medical specialists and experts, occupational therapists and other experts of our choosing and we will advocate on your behalf directly with your insurance company. With our understanding of the insurance industry and 39 years’ experience in negotiating in cases involving long- term disability disputes, we can provide you with the expertise to renew or reinstate your compensation as is justly warranted.

All long-term disability cases are accepted on a contingency fee basis so there is no legal fee until the case is resolved in your favour.

Let us, at Ephraim Michael Law, make sure you receive your rightful compensation.