Medical malpractice is described as negligence by act or omission by a medical practitioner. Medical errors can have the most devastating effects on the life of the victim and his/her family. By Ontario law one can seek compensation and sue for damages for severe injuries or a death in the family. If you deem that malpractice may be involved in an injury or loss, you must consult a lawyer immediately.

At Ephraim Michael Law we will advise you regarding injuries, permanent serious damages and losses.  Our areas of practice include defense in cases of birth injury, hospital negligence, misdiagnosis, and surgical malpractice. Our goal is to acquire full compensation for our client so that his/her recovery, financial stability and peace of mind are restored as much as possible, as quickly as possible while addressing the long-term consequences of the injury.

Remember that medical professionals and facilities will have ample resources to counter the claims of medical malpractice. Furthermore Canada provides its doctors with the CMPA, a defense organization that protects doctors alleged in medical malpractice suits. Clearly, the legal team defending the victim   must be masterful and scrupulous in its expertise and approach.

All legal consultations are free; only successful claims necessitate payment.