Due to high speeds and heightened vulnerability, motorcycle accidents pose extremely serious risks to the rider and/or passenger and can result in severe brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, orthopaedic injuries, and in some cases, death. Although motorcycle accidents represent only 2% of Canadian accident statistics, riders and/or passengers are 15 times more prone to be in an accident than an automobile driver and 14 times more likely to be killed!

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident both you (either operator or passenger) can seek compensation from both the negligent driver as well as through your own insurance company. Compensation is determined by the severity of the injuries, whether catastrophic or non-catastrophic. Regardless of fault, Statutory Accident Benefits are available to the injured person.  Reporting the accident within 7 days is crucial.  Your insurer will have you complete an Application for Benefits Form which needs to be submitted within 30 days.

At Ephraim Michael Law we have had 39 years of resolving accident cases for our clients and are accident benefits experts. We will lead you through the legal process effectively and compassionately, assist you through your rehabilitation program and ensure your rightful monetary compensation.