Toronto encourages its citizens to habituate a walking and bicycling lifestyle. In recent years that lifestyle is concurrent with a rising accident rate. The Highway Traffic Act accords similar treatment to both pedestrians and bicyclists; they both have the right of way over the motorist.  In an accident with a motor vehicle, the Highway Traffic Act assigns the responsibility to the driver of the motor vehicle to prove that he/she did as much as possible to avert the accident with the pedestrian or bicyclist. The victim should contact a lawyer as soon as possible; submission of claims to the insurance company, photos of the site, and testimonies of bystanders are time-sensitive.

Injuries in such instances can be permanent, serious and sometimes catastrophic. Accident victims can make claims for Statutory Accident Benefits through their insurance company for pain suffered from injuries, lost income, treatment and rehabilitative care, and attendant care where disabilities persist. Injuries and loss can range from brain injury, spinal cord injury, other orthopaedic injuries and in some cases, even death. Victims are also able to sue the driver for negligence in the accident.

Ephraim Michael Law has been successfully representing these types of claims for 39 years; its expertise in representing clients with Accident Benefits claims is unparalleled.  We have dealt with every insurance company in Ontario in that time; and our extensive body of referrals is the result of client appreciation in all those years.